Program Registration

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Conversion action Online purchase with processed valid payment
Cookie days 30 day(s)
Commission type Percent of Sale
Base commission 10.00% and product specific
Additional terms If your friends buy tickets to Wanderlust using your affiliate link, you will receive a commission equal to 10% of the purchase price of the qualifying access ticket they bought, excluding discounts, taxes and fees. Your commission will be paid on any sale taking place within 30 days of any click on your link. Referral commissions are paid electronically via PayPal on a monthly basis.
Thank you for supporting Wanderlust.  Below are the terms and conditions of our programs, which you agree and accept by applying.  If you do not accept these terms, please do not apply. You also may close your account at any time.

Wanderlust's tracking software automatically tracks clicks on your link or use of your unique affiliate code.  Once a user clicks on your link, you will be awarded a commission if that user purchases a ticket, whether immediately or within a period of time after clicking.  The time period in which we track conversions varies based on which program you are enrolled in, and is specified in your affiliate dashboard.

You will earn a commission on all sales of "qualifying access tickets."  Your commission rate is specified during the signup process.  A "qualifying access ticket" refers to any ticket purchased through Eventbrite (our ticketing company) that provides entry to any Wanderlust 108 event, Wanderlust Festival, or Wellspring.  Qualifying access tickets should be distinguished from "add on" tickets and upsells, for example, activities like SUP or aerial yoga, food & beverage events, charitable donations, and lodging.

Your commission is based on the net price of the qualifying ticket, after deducting fees charged by our ticketing company, credit card processing fees, taxes and shipping (if any). Your commission will be 25% of your minimum commission rate on premium access tickets, immersions and Wanderlust Passport, and you will earn a fixed amount on ticket bundles that include merchandise or lodging. On serial purchases, such as subscriptions to Wanderlust TV, your commission will be limited to the first 3 payments.

Where more than one affiliate link is clicked by the buyer, the commission will be awarded to affiliate who generated the last click.

Wanderlust will pay commissions due, if any, on a monthly basis.  You must include a valid PayPal link in your dashboard in order to be paid.  You are responsible for any taxes as well as fees deducted by PayPal.

Wanderlust is a B-Corp with a mission to help people find their true north -- to live a healthy and inspired life. We're not looking for a "hard sell" -- we're looking for people who, like us, are touched by yoga, meditation and community and want to make the world a better place. So please be tasteful, accurate, respectful and kind as you spread the word.

You are welcome to promote your custom affiliate link through any channel, including your social networks, your email list, and your website.  The goal of this program is to encourage direct communication, both in-person and online, to your community.  Any attempt to automate the distribution of your link outside of your network, whether through bots or mass-posting software tools,  will result in the closure of your account. 

Certain programs also offer an affiliate code, which offers a 5% discount to the end user and also tracks your conversions. These codes are to be used only for in-person communications between you and potential attendees.  Under no circumstances may you publicly post your code online -- please use your affiliate link instead.  

Both you and Wanderlust have the right to terminate your participation in any program at any time.  If terminated, you will receive only the amounts due at the time of termination; future conversions will not be credited to you.

Wanderlust reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of any program at any time upon 10 business days' notice to you.  Any change will be prospective only and will not apply to any sales or commissions generated by you before the date of the program change.

Commissions and sales only apply to US and Canadian events, with the exception of Australian affiliates promoting Australian events.